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DEVASHISH ENTERPRISE is amongst the preferred suppliers and installers for renowned Johnson V Wire Filter Screen conforming to BIS 8110: 2000 for Rain Water Harvesting System with Pan India operations.

It is the admitted fact that water has become scarce resource for the highly populous mega cities and needs to be conserved least the tapes go dry. Design engineers world over are working to find out innovative ways and means for conserving water. Most municipal corporations have made conservation of water mandatory for new as well as old buildings by having in place Rain Water Harvesting System failing which Completion Certificate is denied besides imposition of penalties.

In such a scenario the Outstanding Design Features of Johnson V Wire Filter Screen conforming to BIS 8110: 2000  enumerated in the comparative performance table make them the preferred choice as they easily stand out against the conventional, cumbersome and costly system in use all these years.

It is our mission to provide world class solutions for water conservation through efficient RWH system to mankind with 100% assured performance.

Just give us a call for working the most the effective Rain Water Harvesting System for your need. Our clients vouch for it successful implementation and so will you!

Salient Features & Benefits of Johnson V Wire Filter Screen conforming to BIS 8110: 2000” as filter for Rain Water Harvesting system.
  • Continuous slots gives large % Open area: More than 2 times effective open area (compared to any slotted pipes) gives maximum recharge rate at minimum frictional head loss which also reduces incrustation rate.
  • Johnson V Wire Filter Screen conforming to BIS 8110: 2000 is used as filter with slot size 60 mesh/200 microns.
  • Efficient and Non Clogging Screen assembly: Effectively filters out maximum suspended solids from raw water with non clogging slots for sustained recharge rate.
  • Anti Corrosive Material: Made from Stainless Steel and suitable for acid treatment to remove incrustation, chocking of gravels which ensures long life of bore well.
  • Vee Shaped Slots:Produces jetting effect to inject recharge water into the aquifer.      
  • Easy Installation : Easy installation saves money, time and energy.
  • Customized for small or very large roof top area.
  • Customized for small or very large plot  area.
  • Customized for small or very large Green Buildings.
  • Customized for small or very large industries  area.
We recommend use of  “Vee Wire Screens” as filters for Rain Water Harvesting System and we are supplying kits to various Government Organization, Builders, Industries all over India.

We also undertake designing of Rainwater Harvesting schemes.

We request you to provide us an opportunity for personal interaction to give a presentation and explain further details of the “Vee wire screen” for Rainwater Harvesting system.